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TOKYO MARUI – SOCOM Mk23 full set
  • TOKYO MARUI – SOCOM Mk23 full set

    Tokyo Marui Socom Mk23 Airsoft Pistol
    Silent Non Blowback Gas Gun. Thanks to its non recoil system and the addition of a suppressor, the sound impact of the Mk23 is very low. This model is perfect for infiltration and also for snipers as a silent back up.
    Full set including gun case. The Socom Mk23 is delivered with its own hard case which contains also a suppressor and a L.A.M. (Light Attachment Module).
    Removable L.A.M. System. The L.A.M. can be fixed to the under rail of the Mk23. Its flashlight lights with white LEDs whereas the laser part is a dummy red LED.
    The Mk23 magazine can contain 28 rounds. It is made out from diecast metal and is resistant to gas cooling.

    Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23
    Light Attachment Module (LAM)
    Magazine (28 rds)
    Safety cap
    User manual
    Cleaning rod

    This replica is design to use Abbey 134a gas. It is recommended that you add Abbey 134a or similar gas to your order.

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